Friday, November 25, 2011

Which ones did I chose?/ Lesquels est-ce que j'ai choisi?

So these are the nails I am going to rock tonight at the xmas office party. How pretty are they. They are simply stunning! I feel all chic!
Alors voilà les ongles qui me suivront sur le plancher de danse ce soir pour le party de bureau de Noël. Vraiment superbes!! Je me sens toute chic!

Please excuse the eczema patches on my fingers. We are only looking at the nails anyway...right?
Ignorez l'eczema sur mes doigts svp...on regarde juste les ongles ok? 

#71164 Starry Sky

Oh and for the other klutz out there who get glue all over their fingers like this when applying the nails. 
Oh et pendant que je j'y pense...pour celles qui sont comme moi et qui se mettent de la colle partout en appliquant leur ongles comme ça.

I found a trick to get rid of all that glue so easily. Pumice stone. Rub on areas where these is glue under warm water (careful not to knick the nails) and ta da! Baby soft, glue residue free fingers!
J'ai trouvé un truc pour me débarasser des résidus de colle. Une pierre ponce! Utilisez sous l'eau tiède et frotter doucement les zônes où vous avez de la colle en faisant attention de ne pas accrocher les ongles au passage. Ta da! Vous aurez de beaux doigts tout doux, et sans traces de colle!

See. All gone!
Voyez? Toute la colle est partie! 

Have a great Friday night guys! 
Bon vendredi soir mes belles! 


  1. Nice choice~ very pretty :)
    I wish I could wear fake nails more, however I have difficulty finding ones that are wide enough. Never thought that my nail bed was too wide until I tried fake nails >_<
    Such a shame as I have a few that I got from PR and from friends...
    Odd request, I know, but would you mind taking the measurement width of the middle nail? so I can see if nailene might be something that I can try out? Sorry its such a weird request lol I dunno if they have that info on the package, never thought to look :S

  2. Really pretty! Have a great time at the party!

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Rasilla- In the pack there are more than 5 different sizes included. My nail beds are kinda flat (or so nail technicians tell me lol) so the nail I chose for the middle finger is 12mm in width. Hope this helps!! :)