Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yves Rocher Folk Passion Collection

Winter collections always centers around glitter and rich hues. I for one, wouldn't have it any other way. I much prefer dark shades to pastels. Always have.

Let's start with nails (my current beauty obsession). The Folk Passion collection includes 5 mini bottles: 3 creamy shades and 2 glitter top coats. The cream lacquers are 2-coaters when wearing them alone. You can get away with one coat if you topped them with a top coat. Truly a fun little "kit" to have on hand!

Sequined Rose Glitter, Prussian Red, Peacock Blue, Slate Blue and Silver Shine Glitter

My favourite combination is Peacock Blue topped with Silver Shine Glitter (pic below). Perfect party nails! And coat of Peacock Blue, one coat of Silver Shine Glitter and you are good to go! If you follow me on Instagram (you totally should!), you've seen this NOTD shot already.

#NOTD Peacock Blue & Silver Shine Glitter

Next, lippies: Prussian Red and Dark Purple. If you love sheer, moisturizing lipsticks that apply like a balm, you will love Dark Purple (don't worry, it looks dark in the tube but transfers much lighter on the lips because of its sheer formula). Red Prussian, on the other hand, has a creamy pigmented formula and applies like a dream. Its finish reminds me of the MAC Cremesheen lipsticks. I did experience bleeding when I wore this one, but a clear lip liner solves the problem.

Dark Purple, Prussian Red

Swatches: Sparkling Gloss - Silver, Sparkling Silver eyeliner, Dark Purple, Prussian Red, 

Moving on to the eyes! Meet the Yves Rocher Folk Passion Khol Duos: Stormy Blue & Peacock Blue and Mandarin & Smokey Grey. Creamy smooth and nicely pigmented. 
The Mandarin & Smokey Grey pencil is a really unique pencil. Soft orange with a slightly frosty finish on one side and a deep creamy charcoal grey on the other. Finally something different! Have you ever seen a winter collection that includes an orange eyeliner before...? I love to use it on the inner 1/3 of my top and lower lash line.

kohl duo 1
khol duo 2

Next in the eye makeup category are the Eye Pencils in Deep Charcoal and Ancient Mauve. These are your standard jumbo eye pencil that you can use as a shadow, a liner or a base. I love that they are multiuse and I do enjoy them as liner and a base, not so much. I did experience creasing. Definitely apply your UDPP under these babies. Dark Charcoal is gorgeous for a smoky eye; it's a dark grey shade infused with silver shimmers (see pic above). So pretty!

Because no winter collection is totally complete without a little bit of frosting (yeah, I said frosting...every time I use this expression, I think of Kate Hudson in "How to lose a guy in ten days"), the collection also includes a sparkling gloss and silver eyeliner. The silver eyeliner is one of my favourite items from this collection. It's not just chunky silver glitter in a clear base. It's actually a silver base packed with silver shimmer. 

Sparkling Gloss - Silver


The last item I have to show you is the Yves Rocher Folk Passion Pearly Water in Silver. What it is: a water-like gel loaded with fine silver and transparent shimmer/glitter. The result: the most perfect fairy dust glow! I love to use it on shoulders and legs. I have a gold version of this as well (not from this collection) that I took on the cruise with me last year. I just love these. They feel cool on the skin when you apply them and you can even use them in your hair.

Pearly Water - Silver

Although this collection is Limited Editon, it's still available online at

Like what you see? Hurry, before they are gone!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014...and new beauty resolutions

I haven't updated the blog in a while so I though I would do a quick post about new year resolutions.

At first, I wasn't even sure I should make any...the eternal question right? To resolution or to NOT resolution. But I figured, without going to extremes, there are things that I could work on and benefit from. But, I made myself a promise...not to take on crazy resolutions that I know deep down I just won't keep (like eating better or cutting out caffeine...who I am kidding? No way I could give up my java and pastries and junk).

After a brainstorming session, here is my list of 2014 resolutions:

- Get more beauty sleep! I am a night owl, have always been (was very handy when my kids were younger and not sleeping through the night, or when I was in college/uni...Nowadays? Not working as well). So, this year I will TRY to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep a night on week days. Reasonable, yes? Plus, getting my beauty sleep will help with resolution #2, which is...

- Take better care of my skin! And to achieve this, I now have this baby to give my skin the royal treatment. Thanks Mary Kay Canada! I simply love my new Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush! Who knew that I would have to deal with breakouts and wrinkles at once...gotta love being a woman!

- Wear red lips more often. My favourite red? Diva by MAC. This one has been in my stash for years now. Everytime I run out, I repurchase. This is my 5th tube.

[Source: Pinterest]

- Concentrate on the positive. I have two teenagers, which means there is always drama in my house...or, as I like to say, "never a dull moment"! Add to that the daily load that life brings your way... I am not quite sure how...maybe a daily gratitude journal? Loving this one I found on etsy!

[Source:  Etsy]

Or maybe I will use the blog and share on the weekly the good things that happen during the week. We shall should I go about it? Would you like to get a glimpse of my crazy life each week? 

- Finally, DARE wise, but also in general when it comes to life. Get out of my comfort zone...after all that is where all the fun is at apparently. ;O)

Have you taken any new year resolutions? If so, what are they?