Monday, September 2, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer Holographic Collection

Yes, I know...I've been a bad blogger...but, my mommy duties have me on the softball field nearly every night since May. Not even kidding. Which means less no time for blogging. Hence why I am showing you these a few weeks later than planned. Oops.

This summer, Maybelline launched two new Color Show collections: Holographic and Polka Dots (which will be featured in an upcoming post). There's been so much hype about these since the first few teases, that I couldn't wait to see what the fuss was all about.

Holographic nail polish lovers will rejoice...or not. Let me explain. The only thing really holo about them, is the silver holo band on the cap (can you see on the pic above?). The description of the collection on Maybelline Canada's website says that the "nail effects shift from shade to shade depending on the angle". To me it sounds like these were meant to be duochromes...yes? Nonetheless, they are totally worth checking out. They go on easily with minimum brush strokes. The formula does spread evenly on the nail, leaving it with a nice, smooth appearance.  

Blue Blaze, Alluring Rose, Mystic Green, Lavendar Lustre, Bold Gold

My nails are in really bad shape these days (tried to do a few nail swatches and I think I will softball mommy hands are not that cute to look at right now after yet, another tournament) so I am re-directing you to this link for pretty nail swatches of all the Holographic shades

Lavendar Lustre is the one I liked the least out of the 4 I have. My favorite one is Blue Blaze. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen this shot already (shown 3 coats).

Maybelline Color Show in Blue Blaze 

Overall for me, this is a fun collection to add to your polish box if you love metallics. If not, I'd say skip! 

And definitely SKIP  if what you are looking for are holographics...although the band on the cap is kinda pretty to look at... 

Did you buy any nail polishes from this line? What did you think?

The "holographic" collection is available for $3.99 each wherever Maybelline products are sold.  

*PR samples.

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