Monday, July 1, 2013

Mary Kay for MEN - Introducing MKMen

Yes, you have read that right. Mary Kay is not just for the ladies anymore. They now have a skincare line for men: MKMen. So you can tell the Mr. that he no longer has to hide the fact that he uses your skin care products (c'mon, we all know they DO it), and that he can now proudly display proof that he takes care of his skin the way REAL men do. With men-approved packaging that they won't be ashamed to carry around on a business trip!

For summer 2013, Mary Kay introduced MKMen. A line of skin care for guys. Really, it was about time! If our skin ages, theirs do too! What is wrong with a guy who takes care of his skin? C'mon people, the sun affects everyone the same way...not just women.

Here's what Mary Kay has to offer for the guy in your life:

MKMen facial hydrator sunscreen SPF30
I can't say it enough...sunscreen is so important...every day...year round. Believe me, what you do today, your skin will thank you for tomorrow.

-10 hour protection
-multitasking : hydrates, contains age-fighting benefits and protects with its SPF 30
-contains antioxydants to fight free-radicals from the environment, which cau contribute to wrinkles and fine lines
-oil and fragrance free

SRP $27.00

MKMen Advanced eye cream
Although we do love the fine lines around their eyes caused by smiling too much (among other things... ;)), prevention is key. Even for the guys!

-Bye bye signs of stress, fatigue and sun damage
-lightweight, oil-free
-hydrates the eye contour area
-Dramatically minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

SRP $28.00

For the golfer, you can also get the MKMen products in a Golfer's gift set

The set includes the above two products, plus a MKMen anti-aging face bar and a set of custom MKMen golf balls. Because, we all know how much your golfer loves his balls! ;)

SRP $66.00

The line also includes a Moisturizer sunscreen SPF 25 (broad spectrum), a shave foam and a cooling after-shave gel

Is your man just as bad as you are when it comes to fragrances (I know mine is), then this kit might be the perfect gift, or addition to his collection:

The set contains 5 fragrances in the black/gold 50th anniversary packaging (one for each day of the workweek?):
-True OriginalTM Cologne Spray
-ML High IntensityTM Cologne Spray
-Velocity for Him Cologne
-Domain Cologne Spray
-Tribute for Men Spray Cologne (my guys''s already empty). 

I do love this kit. It offers a nice mix of scents (from mild to bolder) and is a fun way to try out the different scents MK has to offer. 

SRP $40.00

The MKMen line and Limited Edition Men's Fragrance Gift Set are available now through your independant Mary Kay Canada Rep or online at

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