Saturday, June 11, 2011

My perfect dreamy coral summer 2011 lips / Mes lèvres Été 2011 corail de rêve parfaites

Je vous ai parlé de la campagne BIAAG. Et bien, aujourd'hui je vous donne l'excuse parfaite pour justifier l'achat d'au moins un produit pour supporter la cause. Celui là!
I have talked to you about the BIAAG campaign recently. Well today I am giving you one good excuse to justify the purchase of at least one product to support the cause. This one!

Le gloss sheer Lux de Marcelle dans la teinte Sorbet est tellement joli! Regardez-moi toutes ces paillettes!!
The Lux sheer gloss by Marcelle in the shade Sorbet is so pretty! Look at all the shimmer!!

La couleur de l'été 2011 pour les lèvres c'est le corail cette année. On en voit partout du corail...toutes les marques en ont au moins une teinte dans leur collection d'été.  
The lip color of the summer this year is coral. We can see coral lips everywhere...all brands have at least one shade in their summer 2011 collections.  

Mon corail à moi: Marcelle Rouge Xpression dans la teinte Délirium et le Lux Gloss Sheer de Marcelle pour BIAAG dans la teinte Sorbet. Combo parfait pour une moue corail de l'enfer!
My coral: Marcelle Rouge Xpression lipstick in the shade Delirium and the Marcelle for BIAAG Lux Gloss Sheer in the shade Sorbet.

Ici je porte ligneur à lèvres Jordana dans la teinte Marmelade, rouge Delirium de Marcelle et le gloss Lux en Sorbet. Je suis prête pour la plage moi!
Here I am wearing the Jordana lip liner in Marmelade, Delirium lipstick by Marcelle and the Lux gloss in Sorbet. I am beach ready!

Marcelle Rouge Xpression Delirium 

Marcelle Rouge Xpression Delirium and BIAAG Lux sheer gloss Sorbet combo/combinaison

J'adore! Quelle est votre teinte de rouge corail cette année? Suivrez-vous la tendance?
I am in love! What shade of coral have you fallen in love with? Will you be sporting the trend this summer?


  1. Ooo!!! Very pretty! I love coral lips! =D This is a very gorgeous combo! Unfortunately since I can't get the Marcelle Rouge Xpression lippies...I'll be on the lookout for that Jordana lipliner!

  2. Yes you can :) they take phone orders for US customers :) All info is on their website under the "where to find us" tab! ;) You will love their Rouge Xpression lipsticks! They feel like satin on your lips!

  3. Nice lip combo!:D

    I've been wearing coral lips too.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. lovely color :) I love to wear coral but sometimes ( well all the times so far) they don't look good on me , so I am still in the hunt for the perfect coral. going to pharmaprix to get your combo and try them on , hope this is the one :) oh 1 Q, where do you get the jordana lipliner here !? thanks hon

  5. @Marie- Thanks :) Corals are so pretty! Perfect for summer!
    @Mania- I got the Jordana lipliner in a swap with someone from the US. I know they aren't available here :( Annabelle does have a shade that is very similar. You should check it out! Thanks for commenting!