Saturday, November 27, 2010

Girl Ask Guy: Sexual Sugar Sugar Daddy Fragrance

Okay folks, where to begin? First time the Mrs. has tasked me with writing a product review. I am fortunate however that it happens to be for my favorite cosmetic / hygiene product (other than soap)...fragrances. I love a good perfume on my wife. I must have bought her 12-15 types that she still owns and uses regularly.

My hearing and eyesight are not very sharp but my nose works like a charm. She wears a different scent just about every day and I can almost always determine which one it is. Not too shabby since some of them are very similar.

Okay, okay enough about my wife. I'm here to write about Sugar Daddy!
Just to situate you, I am not a masculine cologne novice I currently own 15 different fragrances myself.
They are :
Calvin Klein - Euphoria
Calvin Klein - Euphoria Intense
Calvin Klein - CK1
Calvin Klein - CK1 Summer
Calvin Klein - IN 2U
Calvin Klein - Man
Calvin Klein - Eternity Summer
Drakkar - Noir
Dolce & Gabbana - Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue
Givenchy - Neo
Paco Rabanne - XS
Paco Rabanne - BlackXS
Burberry - Brit for Men
Abercrombie & Fitch - Classic for Men

As you can see, we don't usually buy the super cheap stuff. We stay away from the $200 per bottle fragrances simply because I just don't see the value. Especially if you are like me and enjoy being able to afford variety..

So, on to Sugar Daddy. When my wife presented me with the fragrance I was skeptical. I had my brands, specifically the Calvin Klein stuff.

The first time I tried on Sugar Daddy, to be honest, I wasn't sold. The mix of Cinnamon with leather and tobacco tones was quite noticeable. I think I must have sniffed my arm about 30 times trying to adjust to the new scents. The mix is quite different from my typical fare.

It is a very masculine scent. I think it's what Calvin Klein was aiming for when he produced his MAN scent.
My first inclination was "hey this is nice but I feels like a nighttime fragrance". I had images of myself out at a club wearing Sugar Daddy.

Fast forward 3+ weeks later...where am I at with Sugar Daddy? It has become my favorite cologne. It's my defacto scent. It's the one I reach for right out of the shower when I get ready for work. What I thought was a "nighttime" fragrance has turned into my "every-time" fragrance. It's well situated to any time of day, any activity or event. It blends in well with my skins natural oils and produces a great fresh feeling. I also LOVE the fact that this is one of the first fragrances that actually lasts all day. It does not fade as drastically as most products do. That alone give this product fantastic value.

If you are looking for that new, must have scent. This is it. I would recommend it to anyone who will listen to me long enough. If you or your man uses any of the fragrances I listed above, there is a good chance Sugar Daddy would work just as well, if not better...much better. 



  1. Well, Josh, you do look like a Calvin Klein addict! Mel is lucky to have a man who loves colognes :)
    Congrats on your first review :)

  2. Great job, Josh. It's cute to have your review together with Mel's :)