Friday, September 10, 2010

Annabelle HYPE vs MAC ''dupes''

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En jetant un coup d'oeil aux nouvelles teintes d'ombres à paupières Annabelle (Collection HYPE Automne 2010) lors de ma récente visite chez Pharmaprix, je me suis rendue compte que les teintes étaient très très semblables à certaines ombres à paupières MAC.

J'adore les articles parlant d'options moins dispendieuses à des produits haut-de-gamme. Je me suis donc dis que je me devais de vous en glisser un mot. Qui sait, peut-être cela vous sauvera-t-il aussi quelques sous... ;)

Annabelle  vs MAC
L'ombre Fantasy d'Annabelle = MAC Waternymph (ou même MAC Steamy)
L'ombre Lagoon d'Annabelle = MAC Deep Truth
L'ombre Ultraviolet d'Annabelle = MAC Vibrant Grape
L'ombre Rainforest d'Annabelle = MAC Aquavert

Avez-vous aussi penser à certaines autres teintes de marques haut-de-gamme en voyant la collection HYPE? Partager vos ''dupes'' avec nous dans la section commentaires ci-bas!

Les cosmétiques Annabelle sont disponibles à travers le Canada dans plus de 2000 locations et via commandes par téléphone pour les résidents des E-U.

Bon weekend!


While browsing at Shoppers last time I was there, I noticed the display for the new HYPE Fall 2010 collection by Annabelle Cosmetics. Upon extensive swatching (LOL), I realized that many of the shades were very close MAC dupes.

I just love reading blog posts about dupes for high end products so I told myself I needed to blog about this. Who knows, it might save you guys some money too!

Annabelle vs MAC
Annabelle Fantasy shadow = MAC Waternymph (or MAC Steamy)
Annabelle Lagoon shadow = MAC Deep Truth
Annabelle Ultraviolet shadow= MAC Vibrant Grape
Annabelle Rainforest shadow = MAC Aquavert

Did you also find that the HYPE Fall 2010 Annabelle collection reminded you of more costly shades from high end brands? If so, please share your dupes list with us in the comment section below :)

Annabelle Cosmetics are available in more than 2000 locations nationwide and also via phone orders for US residents. Info here

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  1. I only own Steamy so can't do a swatch comparison, but it's great to know. Thanks :)

  2. I'll definitely be doing some swatch comparisons, thanks for the heads up! :]

  3. I'm gonna be bad (oh oh lol) and go back and purchase a few shades anyway. I swatched them all on my arm at Shoppers then came home to compare to try to "justify" buying a few if I didn't have anything similar...didn't happen but I still want them LOL

    When I have them in my possession, I will be adding swatches on here as well so you guys can see ;)
    I looked at a few of my UD shadows as well and saw some possible matches too! I'm all excited! lol I love playing the "dupe" game and providing my readers with cheaper options to high-end items!